Typing S21 1.5

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Would you like to be an expert at typing.

Would you like to be an expert at typing? Would you love your fingers to be literally flying at high speed typing on the keyboard? Knowing typing is essential nowadays, especially when looking for work, so if you haven't yet mastered it, you can start with Typing S21.

Typing S21 is a program, entirely in Spanish, that will teach you step by step about the entire procedure to learn typing from scratch, and thus master the keyboard completely and without mistakes.

Typing S21 stands out above all for its simplicity and its very manageable interface, informing you at all times of the speed you've reached in your typing and how many words per minute you type, as well as the mistakes. In total, there are 68 lessons filled with theory and exercises.

Other interesting aspects of Typing S21 are that it allows you to hide the keyboard to type blindly, activate a timer to do it in the shortest time, statistics showing progress, create your own lessons, etc.


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